EAGLYS Inc.’s President and CEO, Hiroki Imabayashi Appears on “SPARK IGNITION” on Radio Japan

Mr. Hiroki Imabayashi, President and CEO of EAGLYS Inc., recently had the opportunity to appear on “SPARK IGNITION”, an open innovation project program on Radio Japan (AM1422khz, FM92.4MHz), where he had a studio discussion on the topic of AI. The program will be aired for three weeks starting Monday, February 22nd.

SPARK IGNITION,” with Keisuke Suzuki, a member of the House of Representatives, and Yusa Kuroda, a TV personality who aspires to be an astronaut, are hosts of this program that includes discussions on topics such as innovation and start-up acceleration.

In this edition, together with Yusuke Saiki, Senior Manager of the Strategy Unit at Ignition Point, Yohjiro Seki, President of Xenodata Lab., Hiroki Imabayashi discussed the theme of “AI”, covering a wide range of topics, including the relationship with AI, excessive expectations and reality of AI, the possibilities of expanding AI applications, and the future standards of AI applications.

Broadcast Schedule

Radio Japan (AM1422khz/, FM92.4MHz)
Open Innovation Project Program “SPARK IGNITION”
・2021.2.22 (Monday midnight 24:30-25:00)
     Theme: Relationship with AI        
     radiko https://radiko.jp/#! /ts/JORF/20210223003000  
・2021.3.1 (Monday, 24:30-25:00 midnight)
     Theme: AI Applications Today
・2021.3.8 (Monday, 24:30-25:00)
     Theme: Next AI

SPARK IGNITION Program – http://www.jorf.co.jp/?program=spark
This program can also be listened to on Radiko, an internet radio station.