EAGLYS Inc. Featured in ASCII’s “I Want To Ask This Startup” Series

What is the hot topic of “Secret Computation”? EAGLYS: Encrypted Data Collaboration and Remote AI Analysis

On April 16th, 2021, an interview with our CEO, Hiroki Imabayashi, was published in the ASCII STARTUP editorial PICK UP series, “I Want To Ask This Startup.”

The scure computing and privacy-enhancing technology used by EAGLYS Inc. is attracting worldwide attention as a next-generation cyber security technology that solves issues such as data leakage and privacy risks. Furthermore, the article discusses the global excitement surrounding secure computing and encryption technologies and the potential for mutual customer transfer and new market creation through data collaboration among competitors and across multiple industries, which is expected to advance the Digital Transformation of the supply chain dramatically.

ASCII’s article also includes detailed examples of the use of each product in EAGLYS’ DataArmor series of security and privacy enhancement solutions. Please go to the link below to view the full article.

巷でホットな「秘密計算」って何? 暗号化したままデータ連携・リモートAI解析を進めるEAGLYS