Amazing Venture Online Exhibition

EAGLYS Inc. will take the stage and present the DataArmor suite of products of secure computing and AI at the Amazing Venture Exhibition, which will be held from July 12th (Mon) until July 16th (Fri), 2021. This event will be held online and will feature approximately 120 growing companies who will each have 5 minutes to introduce their latest tools, trends, and more. We hope you will join us at this event to learn more about the latest trends.

About Amazing Venture Exhibition

Event Name:Amazing Venture Exhibition
Date and Time:July 12th (Mon) until July 16th (Fri), 2021(13:00~16:00 JST)
Category by Day:
   July 12th (Mon) – “Sales Strenghtening” “CRM” “Marketing Strenghtening”
   July 13th (Tue) – “HR” “Changes in the Workplace” “Employee Benefits”
   July 14th (Wed) – “AI” “Back Office” “Finance and Accounting” “Real Estate”
   July 15th (Thu) – “Information Security” “Business Automation”
   July 16th (Fri) – “E-commerce” “Retail Support” “Startup Pitch Competitions”
   *EAGLYS will take the stage on the third day of the event under the topic of AI.
Organized By:COMIX, Inc.
Sponsored By:SEED’s CREATE, Inc. https://seeds-c.jp/
Supported By:KIRABOSHI Bank https://www.kiraboshibank.co.jp/
   CXO Bank, Inc. https://www.cxobank.jp/
         LRM Corporation https://www.lrm.jp/
         Avinton Japan K.K. https://avinton.com/

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