Secure Computing Consortium

EAGLYS Inc. will join Acompany Co., Ltd., a company providing solutions for secure analysis of sensitive data such as private data and confidential information, in the “Secure Computing Consortium” as a co-sponsor and co-organizer.

EAGLYS will hold workshops and provide information on privacy-preserving technology, with a focus on secure computing. If you are interested in this event, please join us at the Secure Computing Consortium.

The Secure Computing Consortium will send out information monthly at the regular events at https://securecomputing.jp/

Currently, we are planning to hold our first event about Data Utilization through Two Types of Privacy and Confidential Computation in early August 2021 in Tokyo. (Please note that the event may be held online to prevent COVID19 infections).

For more information and to apply for the Secure Computing Consortium, please visit the following URL: