EAGLYS Inc. CEO on TOKYO FM “50Artists” Broadcast

Hiroki Imabayashi, President and CEO of EAGLYS Inc., appeared on TOKYO FM’s “50Artists” broadcast on Sunday, July 25th, 2021 from 8:00 p.m. to introduce the topic of secure computing and privacy-enhancing technologies as well as the future prospects using homomorphic encryption and secure computing.

“50Artists” is a Tokyo FM radio programconducted by personality and fashion model Miku Sakakibara, where she welcomes weekly unique professionals and experts as guests who are creating world-changing technologies and art. On this occassion, EAGLYS’ CEO appeared on the show along with Taisuke Ono, CEO of Donut Robotics.

You can listen to the program on radiko until Sunday, August 1st.
Please check out the broadcast below.

TOKYO FM「50 Artists」Sunday 20:00~20:30
43rd Edition:Hiroki Imabayashi, President and CEO of EAGLYS Inc.