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President's message

Hiroki Imabayashi

Hiroki Imabayashi

Founder & CEO

Leading EAGLYS from its inception until now has been my greatest pleasure, especially since our product release earlier this year has been an amazing success for our company as we were first to market with our secure computing solution for databases. With this milestone behind us we continue to push the envelope in cryptography to meet the ever-growing needs for data protection of digital business worldwide – along with the need for security, confidentiality, and privacy of their customers.

We foresee that these points will become critical in the coming years as IoT solutions become ubiquitous, the 5G networks allow for ever greater amounts of data to be distributed across the world, and AI systems penetrate further into everyday life. With that in mind, we at EAGLYS will continue to create solutions that promote completely confidential processing of data, as well as ensure AI security and assure operational accuracy, all under the umbrella of zero trust computing – where data is always protected, and our customers can always safely utilize their models and information without having to implicitly trust any service providers, cloud infrastructure, or other third parties.

Our approach will continue to be the fusion between secure computing, AI design, and autonomous operation technologies. In this way we want to bring our customers into the next era of distributed collaborative computing and sustainable data use in the cloud. With the above approach requiring cutting edge cryptographic research and development, as well as close collaboration with our clients to ensure their satisfaction and the success of their projects, we are always looking for like-minded and driven individuals to join our team – both in the engineering and business departments. If you are as excited about protecting the privacy of our customers while expanding the world of data, let us know. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Be part of our efforts to advance privacy and machine learning technology to the next level! Learn with us, and create the next generation of encryption solutions.

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Our team is international, and diverse - we speak Math, English, and Japanese in the office; our uniting factor is our passion for discovery and thirst for knowledge.

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Our goals are to create a better, more secure way to utilize data. Be part of our efforts to bring privacy back to the world of Big Data.

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We offer opportunities for both professional and personal development, we aim to support our employee’s goals and dreams.

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Our teams work across different projects in flexible teams, and we value innovation – we are always looking to support great ideas and reward commitment.

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