EAGLYS Joins SAP Japan’s SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo to Promote Secure Data Linkage and Utilization Through the Use of Secure Computing

EAGLYS, a company focused on secure data linkage and utilization via applications of secure computing, is pleased to announce that we have joined SAP Japan’s SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo 2021 Fall program. Through this program EAGLYS aims to develop connectors and API functions for SAP products, and the DataArmor series of in-house developed software. By linking with SAP products and platforms, which boast the world’s top share in ERP system adoption, we aim to create an environment where SAP users in Japan as well as around the world can seamlessly and safely utilize all their data. 

The need for sophisticated data security 

Secure data handling and exchange is necessary in the linking of business data in various cases such as handling proprietary and private information for smart cities, CASE, MaaS, etc. Through our technology convenience and productivity can be improved by implementing approaches to services that could not be realized with current methodology – due to security and regulatory requirements. As the risk of handling sensitive data increases due to regulations such as GDPR in the EU, CCPA in California, etc. the requirements for security in relation to data exchange are ever increasing. 

Domestically, in Japan, efforts have begun to encourage a more seamless data exchange for businesses, tax support and market improvements, however as with all confidential data, security concerns are at the forefront of public attention – it is critical to delineate the access as well as control disclosure of such data; functionality that EAGLYS brings to the table. 

Creating a world where confidential data can be safely used through secure computing

By linking with SAP products and creating a model of secure data linkage and exchange, SAP users in Japan and across the world will be able to use a wider set of data without changing their daily operations. Throughout the program we will work towards implementation of our technology on the SAP platform and global adoption expansion of our systems, so that SAP users can utilize their data safely and securely.