EAGLYS Launches an e-Learning Course: “Data Utilization and AI through Secure Computing”

EAGLYS is pleased to announce the release of instructional content on “Secure Computing Technology” on SLAP, an e-learning system operated by Kushim Corporation.

The aim of EAGLYS is to contribute to the creation of a society in which everyone can use data safely and freely by offering online learning contents on “data security technology focused on secure computing technology and knowledge of data utilization and AI.” This is indispensable in the age of data utilization, not only to solve the problems of individual companies but also to educate the general workforce on these topics.

Increasing need for data security and DX knowledge

The acceleration of DX, smart cities, logistics 4.0, and other industries are seeking to improve service quality and convenience and increase productivity by linking data. Efforts and initiatives such as the launch of a data distribution market and tax support for promoting DX investment are on the rise.

However, while these efforts are underway, the lack of human resources with specialized knowledge in DX, AI, and security such as what kind of AI is needed, what data security measures should be taken, and to what extent the scope of data disclosure should be restricted, is a major gurdle in promoting these efforts.

Create a society in which everyone can use data safely by providing knowledge about secure computing, data utilization, and AI through e-learning.

EAGLYS has been approaching the challenges of enterprise data security and confidentiality through the development and sales of its “DataArmor” series of secure computing software and AI development/analysis services based on its AI algorithm design and analysis technology.

Data security management and AI analysis are fields in which there are only a few resources that contain detailed explanations that are available for non-specialists to catch up with the latest knowledge. Since there are constant updates regarding the technology, the knowledge quickly becomes obsolete if not exposed to advance projects and the latest research.

For this reason, EAGLYS has decided to produce and offer “Data Utilization and AI through Secure Computing” course on the online learning system “SLAP” operated by Kushim. The company believes that providing content based on the knowledge gained from the cutting-edge technology projects they’re currently working on with enterprise customers in the form of e-learning will not only help solve the problems of individual companies, but will also contribute to the creation of value for society as a whole by fostering workforce knowledge on DX and AI.

About SLAP online learning platform


・ Smart Learning Accelerator Platform (SLAP) is an e-learning system with the service concept of “the enjoyment of learning anytime, anywhere” You can comprehensively take highly specialized courses from engineers, data scientists, and business leaders.

・ Course offered by EAGLYS: “Data Utilization and AI through Secure Computing” available on November 1, 2021.