Interview with Moe Oikawa, QA Engineer at EAGLYS

What is your role at EAGLYS?

Currently, I belong to the In-house Product Development team, mainly as QA engineer* but also performing a wide range of work such as product manual creation and demo creation. Sometimes I also work as a sales engineer, attending meetings with customers to respond to questions and inquiries they might have.

*The role of checking whether the product or service is easy to use from the user's point of view, and if there are any problems with operations that the developers did not anticipate.

Before joining EAGLYS, I was an engineer in a communication-related team for about two years. Before that, I was an English teacher. During that time, I decided that I wanted to cobine my English capabilities with technology as an advantage, so I decided to become an engineer. But of course, I had not attended engineering school, so I had to study by myself and learn gradually.

What made you decide to join EAGLYS?

I felt very drawn to the “at-home” atmosphere of the company. Originally, I was working as an external contractor, but as I had the chance to make overseas business trips and interact with the employees, I felt a connection with EAGLYS. I also thought that the fact that I could use English in my job matched my personal preferences, so I actually turned down another job offer from a different company and joined EAGLYS.

Are you satisfied with your current role?

As large quantities of new technical information come in every day, it is hard to catch up with all of it and study, but I really enjoy it because I gain a lot of knowledge from that. Originally, EAGLYS did not have a QA Engineer role or position, so I feel a high sense of responsibility and fulfillment in taking upon the role that has been entrusted to me and raise the quality of our offerings.

Who is a good fit to work for EAGLYS?

If possible, someone who can communicate effectively in English, but more than that, I think someone who can communicate their ideas well and in a smoothly manner. Also, since this is a startup, I think people who can be more proactive and not take a passive role are better-suited to join this company.

Did you have any difficulties after joining the company?

There are many issues from small to large, but we are alwaysdetermined to solving them in a positive way. Recently, it is difficult to think about how to change the way we do things. For example, with the increase of telework, as a team, we have to think about how to solve problems that could have been solved by just discussing on a whiteboard. Now we we have to do it online through chat or videoconference.

What kind of company is EAGLYS?

It is an international company with a very “at-home” atmosphere to it. The leadership team is very accessible and open-minded, so it is easy to give suggestions and and speak my mind. Everyone in the company is very professional and knowledgeable in what they do, so it is very comforting to know that there are people around you who you can rely on and ask questions to.

Any other aspect of the company you would like to share?

I think that this is a company where each individual has a high level of enthusiasm and everyone enjoys their work. I also I believe that the efforts of each and every one of us will have an impact on the company’s growth, and I’m excited to see people wanting to be a part of that and contributing to that goal.

How do you envision your future career?

I want to be able continue to work as a QA engineer as well as to become a manager. I also want to find my own unique specialty and continue working hard to improve my career.