Get In The Ring Osaka AI Edition | Global MeetUp 2021

In December 2020, EAGLYS Inc., represented Japan in the global competition Get In The Ring Osaka 2020 AI Edition, and is getting ready to participate in the Get In The Ring Global Meetup 2021. On February 25th, EAGLYS was selected as one of the 11 candidates among start-ups that represent more than 100 regions around the world, and is to advance to the finals in the category for start-ups that will revolutionize fintech industry.

EAGLYS is aiming for get to the final round held on April 21st, 2021.

About Get In The Ring

GITR is a global fast-paced and powerful competition active in over 200 cities. Here start-ups have the opportunity to prove their innovative and unconvetional solutions to the world and solve 21st century challenges. They compete in five rounds giving ther knock-out pitches and talking about their business models, achievements, traction, and ongoing projects. As the name of the tournament suggests, it is usually held in a ring, however this year it is being held online only.

Competition Timeline

Dealmaking Days: 23/02, 25/02, 09/03, 11/03

Public Voting: 25/02 until 04/03

Semi-finals Pitching Days: 16/03, 17/03

Global Final Battle: 21/04 (Livestream – https://getinthering.co/global-final-battle-2021/)

More about GITR here.