Radio Japan “SPARK IGNITION”: Data Utilization Now And In The Future

President and CEO of EAGLYS Inc., Hiroki Imabayashi, was given the opportunity to appear on the Open Innovation Project Program “SPARK IGNITION” of Radio Japan (AM1422khz, FM92.4MHz) at the public studio “SPARK 2045” in Shibuya. The recording will be broadcast on the program for three weeks starting from April 5th (Monday).

SPARK IGNITION,” with Keisuke Suzuki, a member of the House of Representatives, and Yusa Kuroda, a TV personality who aspires to be an astronaut, are hosts of this program that includes discussions on topics such as innovation and start-up acceleration. This time, the discussion focused on the data utilization-related market, which is said to expand significantly by 2023. The facilitator for this discussion was Chihiro Miyajima, who is also an Executive Director at EAGLYS Inc. as wells as a director of IGP X Co., Ltd., and the panelists were Takao Takenouchi, CTO (Security) of Digital Garage DG Lab Headquarters, and Hiroki Imabayashi, the CEO President and CEO of EAGLYS Inc.

In the discussion, the panelists talked about current examples of data utilization and the challenges in promoting data collaboration among companies, which is attracting attention as a part of Digital Transformation (DX), and also had a lively discussion on how our lives will change and progress with the safe utilization of data.

Please listen to The Future of Data Utilization.

Broadcast Schedule

Radio Japan(AM1422khz/、FM92.4MHz)
Open Innovation Project Program “SPARK IGNITION”

2021.4.5 (Monday night, 24:30-25:00)
     Theme: Data Utilization Today       
2021.4.12 (Monday, 24:30-25:00)
     Theme: Constraints and Challenges of Data Utilization
2021.4.19 (Monday, 24:30-25:00)
     Theme: The Future of Data Utilization

SPARK IGNITION Program – http://www.jorf.co.jp/?program=spark
This program can also be listened to on Radiko, an internet radio station.