EAGLYS Celebrates its 4th Year Anniversary Today

EAGLYS Co., Ldt. celebrated the 4th anniversary of its foundation today.

We provide support on Digital Transformation (DX) for businesses and data utilization by using secure computing and privacy protection technologies such as secret computing and high-performance encryption, as well as AI analysis technology. We provide licenses for our data encryption software “Data Armor

At the time of EAGLYS’ foundation in 2016, there were only five venture companies in the world in the secret computation arena, and EAGLYS was the only one in Japan doing R&D on this area.

Currently, the R&D team at EAGLYS has outstanding people from Japan and overseas (most of our engineers are Ph.D. holders), and is pursuing a wide range of technical research and high-performance computing architecture on a daily basis. Technical research areas include Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), Multi-party Computation (MPC), AI, etc.

As the knowledge and interest in the secret computing area has grown in the past 2 years, EAGLYS has been evaluated in many acceleration and pitch contests, and now is developing various projects, , and considering collaboration with leading companies in Japan.

Thanks to you, some people say “secret calculation” = EAGLYS (although there is still more). This is also thanks to everyone who believed in, supported and supported our potential.

As of 2020, the entry of financial institutions into data sales and efforts toward information banks are catching the news in Japan, and from April 2021, new targets for companies promoting DX such as data linkage using the cloud between companies The tax reduction system “DX (Digital Transformation) Investment Promotion Tax System” will start.

Overseas, Gartner from Stamford, USA, lists privacy-enhancing computations such as “secret computation” that can protect data in use as one of the future trends in “Top Trends in Strategic Technology 2021”. ..

A secret calculation business that was said to be “more ahead”. I think we are receiving a big tailwind “now”. From now on in the fifth year, I would like to make this tailwind even bigger. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

 December 28th, 2020 EAGLYS Inc.