EAGLYS Invited to Get In The Ring Event “Global Pitch Event Winners Talk about the Secrets of English Pitch!”

As the Global Winner of the Global Pitch Event GET IN THE RING (GITR) 2020 World Competition, EAGLYs was invited to participate in an event hosted by the Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH). OIH is an organization supporting the creation of innovation and aiming to bring together entrepreneurs and engineers based in Osaka and from around the world.

Our CEO, Hiroki Imabayashi, and other members of the EAGLYS team will be speaking at the “Global Pitch Event Winners Talk about the Secrets of English Pitch!” event, sharing their experience and secrets about pitching in English at a global competition as a Japanese company to appeal to international markets.

More information about this event:

About Get In The Ring

GITR is a global fast-paced and powerful competition active in over 200 cities. Here start-ups have the opportunity to prove their innovative and unconvetional solutions to the world and solve 21st century challenges.

The companies compete in five rounds giving ther knock-out pitches and talking about their business models, achievements, traction, and ongoing projects. As the name of the tournament suggests, it is usually held in a ring, however this year it is being held online only.